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First time in a barber shop?

First time in a barber shop?

The experience of going to a barber shop can be unlike any other hairdressing visit you have made; unlike the discount haircut chain of salons, a barber shop will offer you a quality haircut at an affordable price, and the bonus of a first-class facial shave should you wish.

Most barber shops operate on a walk-in service where first come, is first served, but a few barber shops may request an appointment is made. Unless you attend the barbers of your choice regularly, you will normally be attended to by the next available stylist, but if you become a regular visitor, you will be able to opt to have a particular stylist attend to your hair cut.

Once you are seated in the barber's chair, the barber or stylist will ask you a few questions about how you particularly like your hair to be cut, what style you prefer, if you wish the barber to just trim your existing style or restyle your hair, if you would like your sideburns trimmed, your neck shaved, whether you wish to have your beard trimmed or a full facial shave and if you have a preference of products to be used on your hair.

If you select to have a very short hair cut, the barber will ask if you wish to select the clipper blade number to be used and if you have a specific style in mind, you will need to discuss this with your barber, to ensure that he knows what it is you want. Depending on your preference the barber may use either clippers or scissors, each of which is equally as good as the other.

If you wish to try something totally different, ask your barbers advice, he/she will be able to advise about what cut would suit your shape of face, your head shape and facial features, remember that just because a particular cut looks good on your mate or a celebrity doesn't mean that it will suit you. Payment is usually given directly to the barber who cut your hair at the end of the cut, and tipping is customary.

Here at Dukes Barbers we are always willing to take the time to discuss your requirements with you and offer you professional advice and guidance.